Swap Shoppin’

The guy over at That Blue Yak regularly listens to “Ron’s Swap Shop”, a radio show hosted by the self proclaimed “Sultan of Swap” Ron McNeil (right) on an AM station out in West Chester, and his descriptions of the show are hilarious. They have to get streaming radio on their website! I’m from a small town that has a swap shop show, and I once heard a guy call in trying to sell a Go-cart “that got pretty smashed up when I ran it into a wall last week”. Anyways, I just took a look at the website for the Swap Shop on WESR, the radio station near me, and I found that people were trying to buy or sell the following items in the past couple of weeks. I swear I am not making these up:

  • Free: old bricks in Cape Charles
  • Looking for a hood for a ’73 Chevy pickup
  • Looking to trade deer antlers!!!!
  • Electric breast pump $25
  • Looking to buy large rabbits
  • Looking for someone to trap muskrats
  • Free 42″ screen tv. Does not work.

Because who couldn’t use some old bricks, a tv that doesn’t work, or a used breast pump? And I really wish I knew the story behind the trading of the deer antlers. Was the guy hoping to impress some people with bigger antlers than he had? Or did his wife tell him that the antlers on the wall were too big, and he needed to downsize? Also, don’t bother calling the one guy if you have medium sized rabbits. Large rabbits only! Finally, I love that someone got so fed up with the dang muskrats that they decided to do something about it…and that something was calling Swap Shop.

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