Quizzo Bowl IV…Legendary

Let’s get ready to Ruuuuuumble. The Blue Horizon, named the Number One Boxing Venue in the World by Ring magazine, will play host to a different type of heavyweight clash on March 29th, as the greatest beer addled minds in Philadelphia go head to head in Quizzo Bowl IV. The 150 year old venue, located on 1314 North Broad Street, was initially an enormous mansion, then became a theatre, then a world famous boxing venue. It is where eventual middleweight and current light heavyweight champion Bernard Hopkins recorded his first professional boxing victory. Boxing and acting legend Tex Cobb earned his stripes at “The Blue”, and will be honored there at the fights this Friday (If you wanna check out the venue, I’d suggest going for a fight. It doesn’t matter if you like boxing or not. The atmosphere is electric.) I went to see a fight there last year, and was just amazed by the venue, and thought how awesome it would be to hold a Quizzo Bowl there. At first, it was just a pipe dream, but after speaking to the owner a few months later, I realized it could be a reality.

But you don’t have to be a fight fan to appreciate this historic Philadelphia landmark. If you like old, historic buildings that are high on character, you’re gonna love this place. And this is only the first Quizzo Bowl announcement. There will be many more to come in future weeks, as I will announce the band, the halftime performers, the prizes, and much, much more. Stay tuned.

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