A few final notes

Alright, first of all, I do have a few sponsors lined up for Quizzo Bowl IV. (Sadly, Applebee’s does not have money in the budget to help out.) I’d love to get more before I send out my press release early next week. Please e-mail me if you are at all interested. Sponsorship is extremely reasonable and this event is gonna be get a lot of attention in the coming month, especially when I let people know who the band is. Today I was able to finalize the halftime entertainer, who I am quite excited about. There are going to be plenty of announcements on the website starting next week.

I am debating on whether to use the ring as a stage. Obviously, I would love to but it does cost $1,000 extra for them to put it up and break it down. I’d have to raise the price (which, thanks to sponsorship and me being a great guy, is going to be very reasonable) $5 to cover it. If I raise ticket prices, I will also raise the prize money for first and second. Let me know what you think below. Have a great weekend gang!

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