Scoreboard, brought to you by River Raid


  1. Young Old and Restless 90
  2. I Got Nothin’ 87
  3. Heath Ledger is Dead, WHat Now? 76
  4. Too Lazy For Quizzo 68
  5. Joseph Stalin 55


  1. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion 104
  2. Sofa Kingdom 99
  3. Thanks for Taking One Hand… 83
  4. Western Omelette 69


  1. Autopsy Report: Broke Back (aka Champs) 97
  2. The Memoirs of Autobiography 83
  3. They’ve Closed the Ledger on Heath 81
  4. Project Runaway 60
  5. Hoop Hoop 60


  1. Duane’s Satans 100
  2. Herve Villechaize 87
  3. The Aussie is Down Under 86
  4. Batman Killed Heath Ledger 78
  5. Weapons of Ass Destruction 70


  1. Ginger Puts Asses in the Seats 76
  2. The Axis of Evil Knieval 72
  3. Fort Awesome 65
  4. Heavenly Jewish Mother 62
  5. Bring Down the Buzzkills 59


  1. Western Omelette 103
  2. We Don’t Like Monday 90
  3. Hurtin Bombs 79
  4. Sofa Kingdom 79
  5. Brain Hammer 77

A weird, wild week on the quizzo circuit, as you see below. No big surprises at O’Neals, but the Bards saw one of our quietest days ever, as only four teams played. Even still, the Kingdom fell to the Funktion. The Champs returned to the Vous, and pulled off an impressive come from behind victory, as the Jams finished third. No big surprises at the Black Sheep, but at the Good Dog, the Axis of Evil Knieval faded in the final round and lost to a team consisting of Steve O. and…well, nobody. Saving the weirdest for last, the Western Omelette only scored 69 points on Tuesday night at the Bards, but on Thursday they scored 55 in the last round to score a blowout victory two days after finishing last. Perennial favorites the Kingdom and the Bombs tied for a distant 3rd. 23 points is considered to be the most the Kingdom has ever lost by. One final note: I think we set a new record on team name topics, as at least 10 teams names had something to do with Heath Ledger.

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