NY Times Supports Hillary

The NY Times has thrown its weight behind the one Democratic candidate who can receive, maximum, 51% of the vote come November instead of the one with an unlimited ceiling. They have decided to support the one candidate who will unite a currently fractured Republican Party. And while running against Obama (anti-war from the start, charismatic) would be extremely challenging for the Republicans, the Times thinks the Dems should support the candidate (Hillary, get ready for more flip flops and icy, angry responses to questions she doesn’t like) that the right wing will eat alive. Of course, if she is elected president, we will get a bunch of new ideas. Oh, never mind, we’ll get one of the two trains of thought that have dominated politics for the last 25 years, the Bush’s and the Clinton’s. I’m sure that a duarchy is just what Washington, Jefferson, et al, were hoping for when they put the country together. This is a disgrace.

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