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Hey morons. Happy Freakin’ New Year. Hope you didn’t spend your New Year acting like a steakhead in an effort to show off to 21 year old girls. Because that would be pathetic, especially for a person in their 30s. But enough holiday greetings. Let’s get down to business. First of all, sorry it’s been so long. Truth is, I been upstate. Yeah, a year or so ago I punched some dyke cop in the mouth for getting lippy with me. Note to Alycia: do not eat the macaroni in the pen. Just trust me on that one, sweetheart. Alright, here goes:

There are some people for whom simply driving a Ford F-150 King cab truck or a Hummer aren’t quite enough to show off how much of an idiot toolbag moron they are. Nope, these people need to hang rubber testicles from the truck to ensure that a) everyone knows that they are very manly and b) to ensure that they never have a date with a woman with more than 3 teeth. Well, a lawmaker in Virginia has had enough to balls to call for an end to this idiocy. In all honesty, if they gave the electric chair to every person who had a pair of these of these on their truck, I would be all in favor of it.

You know how Hillary’s shrieking about how she has tons of experience, and how Obama has almost none? Which would be a great selling point, except for the fact that she has almost no experience. But she does have a Flowbee, and it’s working wonders with her hair.

Unlike Goodtimes, I have always loved Columbus Day. See, I am a big fan of slave trading mass murderers. I am also a big fan of syphilis. And I hate Europe. So needless to say, I was extremely pleased when this story came out.

Am I the only one who would love to see Pacman Jones and Britney Spears start dating?

Leave Tony Romo alone! How dare any of you out there to make fun of Tony after all he’s been through! He lost the snap in Seattle, he choked against the Giants, he lost Carrie Underwood. He’s a human! He’s my quarterback! But all you people care about is yourselves. LEAVE HIM ALONE! You’re lucky he even played for you BASTARDS! LEAVE TONY ALONE! Pleeeease. That’s my teammate! That’s my quarterback.

Hey Tom Cruise. Thank you for saving my life following that car crash. As I laid there, on the verge of death, I thought to myself, “If only Tom Cruise were here, he’s the only one who can save me.” I wish that Onstar would stop dialing 911 when you get in a crash and just start dialing Tom Cruise. Then we’d never lose anyone in a crash.

My name is Bobby Badtimes. Beware my Wrath!

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