American Gladiators

American Gladiators debuted last night, and as excited as I was about it going in, it exceeded even my high expectations. Had a few folks over at the house, and we each bet a dollar on every event. I highly suggest this. It only added to the already frenzied atmosphere. The Hulkster was wonderfully terrible as a host (“Well, have a good run Bonnie. Where are your family members at?”), but Laila Ali brought nothing to the event. They really need to bring back Larry Csonka. The Gladiators were OK, but not as aggro and cocky as they were the first time, which is unfortunate. I like Wolf, and the Hawaiian guy was pretty intimidating, but there were no Malibus in the bunch. Still, the action was riveting, and the Pyramid event, where the Gladiators would throw the contestants like 35 feet down a pyramid, was remarkable and incredibly hilarious. I’m gonna try to upload video from the women’s eliminator, which may have been the hardest I have ever laughed in my life. This was quite possibly the best night I’ve ever had watching television.

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