The Video that Single-Handedly Ruined Billy Squiers Career

Billy Squier could flat out rock. I mean, even this song on its own is a pretty good one. And his beats were so funky that rappers still sample him regularly. (This is where Jay Z got the beat for 99 Problems.) His previous two albums had sold over 3 million copies each. He was destined for superstardom. And then somebody said, “Hey Billy, whattya think about doing a video with you humping the floor in a pink tank top?” and Billy said, “Let’s do it!” and then, BOOM, it was over. He never sold over 300,000 copies of an album again. This video is, in a seriousness, the equivalent of 50 Cent doing a video in a pink tank top on silk sheets. Can anybody think of a worse career move ever than this video…or can anyone think of a worse music video?

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