The Rumors Are Simply Not True

12-22-2007 011.jpg
Johnny Goodtimes did not do a duo of “Last Christmas” with Ock at Bonner’s last night. That being said, heres a funny story to pass along: Renee from the Hurtin Bombs was there, and I asked him to take some pictures. So he sat down next to a table full of girls to take the pictures. I’ll let the dialogue between him and one of the girls begin there:

  • GIRL: Is that Johnny Goodtimes?
  • RENEE: Yes, it is.
  • GIRL: Wow, his singing reminds me of his quizzo.
  • RENEE: Oh yeah, how’s that?
  • GIRL: It sucks.

Then, this girl hopped up on stage and sang the last verse of whatever song we were doing that certainly wasn’t Last Christmas. Picture of her singing after the jump.

12-22-2007 014.jpg

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