Your Best Comments this week

Here’s some of the best comments you guys have posted in the past week:

  • Ron Paul chats with Ace Capone on Facebook all of the time. -Chip Chantry
  • On a column about Ron Paul: I know you were limited to 5 items, Chip, but wasn’t he also the original voice for Cogswell from the Jetsons? -Steve O.
  • A surprise visit from a tv legend: I see about 6 Ten Commandment violations in this comment chain. Repent or face an angry and judgmental God. -Kirk Cameron
  • I’d rather have my testicles superglued to a cannonball and fired into a Hugs for Puppies vegan potluck than hear anything else about Jeff Garcia. -BMT
  • In response to my Ol, Dirty, or Bastard Round: Next year the answers should all include Big, Baby or Jesus. -Anonymous

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