The Old, Dirty, or Bastard Round

Today woulda been Dirt Dog’s 39th birthday, and to honor him this week, the Wild Card Round was Old, Dirty, or Bastard. All the answers contained the words Old, Dirty, or Bastard. Let’s see how you do. ANswers after the jump:

  1. This company produced it’s first vehicle in 1897.
  2. Sonic Youth released this album in 1992.
  3. Stone Brewing Company is best known for this beer it produces.
  4. This English King had two nicknames. One was the William the Conqueror. WHat was the other one?
  5. What 1988 film was directed by Frank Oz?
  6. This brand of alcoholic liquid refreshment is sometimes called “Eight Ball”?
  7. You’d find Jerry Garcia and David Grisman in this 1970s all star bluegrass band?
  8. In Spanish, this movie characters name is Gordo Cabron.
  9. Robert Aldrich directed this 1967 classic.
  10. Loretta Lynn will be performing here this Saturday night.

1. Oldsmobile
2. Dirty
3. Arrogant Bastard Ale
4. William the Bastard
5. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels
6. Olde English
7. Old and in the Way
8. Fat Bastard
9. The Dirty Dozen
10. Grand Ole Opry

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