Quizzo News and Notes

-Regular JGT commenter and former quizzo player Garrett moved to South Korea a few months ago. He seems to like South Korea, but it’s missing something: Quizzo. So he has decided to start his own, at a bar called, remarkably, Phillies. Crazed thought: Quizzo becomes a huge hit in South Korea and word of it’s popularity reaches Pyongyang. Then, in something strikingly similar to ping-pong diplomacy, JGT is called in to host quizzo in North Korea, and finally gets to lay eyes on that crazy hotel and also meet with his idol, Kim Jong Il.

-Think I have a performer lined up for Quizzo Bowl IV. And let me be honest: It’s gonna be amazing.

-In talks with Denver and Seattle about a little 3 city contest next month. Will have more details soon.

-Rumor has it the Minions are returning to the Black Sheep tonight. And what were these murmurs I was hearing from the Inflatable Haggis? Would love to see some old schoolers come back out sometime soon. (including WTF, Missing Heads, Goats, and the Axis of Evil Knieval.)

-Quizzo tonight: Locust Rendezvous at 6:15, Black Sheep at 8 p.m. Hope to see you there! Got a pretty interesting wild card round this week.

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