Around the Horn, brought to you by Rap Graphs

-Wish that hip-hop made better use of graphs and charts? WIsh no further my friend. Finally, a number of graphs that explain what “No Barking From the Dog” and “No Smog” Equal if you include a “Breakfast with No Hog”.

-Still don’t have Thanksgiving plans yet? Foobooz has you covered.

-It’s been a rough couple of years for the good ol’ Red, White, and Blue, but finally we have something to hang our hats on: The Clap. We’re getting it in record numbers! Woo-hoo. Good work, gang!

-Bob Ford to Phillies: Open up your freaking wallets and bring Rowand back and this city will make your investment worthwhile. The Phils are at a magical moment – one in which spectacular young talent is crossing the stage in a wonderful ballpark before a fan base that is wildly anxious, dying actually, to reconnect with the game.

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