Paris Hilton Loves Drunk Elephants, Hates Giant Groundhogs

Just when I thought that there couldn’t be anything more amazing than the 4:20 news, I stumble onto this little gem. Apparently the Pennsylvania Groundhog wanted to get its picture taken with Paris Hilton last night. No problem, right? Wrong, apparently people have been trying to kill Paris by hiding dynamite in giant rodent heads or something, because they said that the groundhog’s head was a security risk and made him take it off. Then Paris refused to pose for a photo with the Headless groundhog, despite the fact that he had spent $55 on her toilet water. Had the groundhog, at that point, said, “That’s it, b****” and thrown her thru a window, it would have been the greatest thing to ever happen in world history (and yes, I am including fire.)

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