Week in Review

A road trip to Canada for an RPS tournament, a new scoring wrinkle, and a quizzo lost to the ethos in a computer crash: It’s time for the week in review.

O’NEALS: The Big Jesus Erection knocked off the Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, 100-95. The Young, the Old and the Restless finished a distant third.

BARDS: For the 4th straight week, it was a 1-2 finish for the Sofa Kingdom and the Dysfunktion, with the Kingdom taking the one spot the last three weeks. They won, 104-90.

LOCUST RENDEZVOUS: A shocker, as Garrett Reid is My Jailhouse Bitch (aka Trust Us We Know) changed their names and their fortunes, knocking off the Jams (aka Here’s to You, Mrs. Oral Roberts) 109-107.

BLACK SHEEP: Palestra Jon’s team, Polyeurethane Wife, took a perfect score into the final round and only missed two in Round Four. But it wasn’t enough, as Duane’s World aced the final round and took home a 114-109 win.

GOOD DOG: Was just getting ready to head out to Good Dog, and decided to print out my latest quizzo. Hit print and, BOOM! the computer crashed, erasing the entire quizzo. You would have highly enjoyed my behavior over the next five minutes as I stormed around my house, screamed at my cats, and contemplated throwing the computer off my roof. I finally settled down and headed to the Good Dog, where the Brothers’ Big scored the only total blowout of the week, a 106-90 win over the Self-Effacing Scurriers.

BARDS: On to a strangely quiet Bards. All the other bars were pretty packed this week, including Bards on Tuesday, but Bards on Thursday was a different story. In the end, it was the Hurtin’ Bombs holding off a pesky Holocaust Deniers: Rittenhouse Square Chapter, 94-89.

SCORING CHANGE: As for the scoring wrinkle, I let teams that were way behind going into the final round get back into it with some Monte Hall type games, giving 10-20 points for various items they might have in their pockets or purse. I only had one complaint, from my favorite complainer, but in the end, none of the teams that got the bonuses got a win. When that happens, I’m sure we’ll have controversy. But I think it’s kind of a fun way to keep teams that are 25-30 points down going into the final round from giving up. Your thoughts?