Vote for JGT Best Quizzo

Well after getting the shaft by Philly Mag in their Best Of edition, being passed over for “Drunken Spelling Bee” (which I’m sure will still be around in four years), it’s time for the only other “Best Of…” edition that matters in this city. (Sorry, Philly Style, but back to back wins for Starbucks as “Philly’s Best Coffee Shop” took your Best Of edition from irrelevant to embarrassing). That’s right, the City Paper Choice Awards. Please vote for me in the CP Best Of by clicking here. Quizzo is #22. I don’t know why they have JGT Quizzo and Good Dog quizzo as two different choices (a diabolical attempt to split my vote and usher in a new champion?), but just vote for Johnny Goodtimes quizzo so as not to split the vote. Be sure to vote for O’Neals for Best Sports Bar, (#30), and be sure to write in Chip Chantry for Best Comedian (#40).