A few of my favorite comments

You might be surprised to note that I read pretty much all of the comments on here. Or maybe you’re not surprised to know that. After all, I am a man of leisure. I mean, what the hell else would I do with all this free time? But I have to say that one of my favorite things about this blog is the commenters. Even when the political talk gets heated, it stays moderately respectful in tone and the arguments are usually somewhat fair reasoned, even Bob T.’s. And a lot of the commenters here are pretty clever. Anyways, enough ass kissing, here are a few of my favorite posts from the past week:

-In response to the request, “Tell me some fun facts about Canada“, Wes wrote: If you pull on a Canadian guinea pig’s tail it’s eyeballs will fall out.

-In response to the question of the week, “What 1978 Donny and Marie Osmond movie took place on Hawaii, and was a critical and financial disaster?” Anonymous wrote, Wasn’t it called “No, Seriously, Marie- It’s Legal in Hawaii. Now Touch It”?

-But my favorite came from Gabezilla after I said that I was rooting for the Red Sox:
Once again, Johnny, you fail to see how real life relates to the Transformers:
When we kids, we were always glad when Starscream tried to overtake the mighty Megatron, because we figured dissension was bad for the Decepticons, which was good for the Autobots, which was good for us somehow. But Starscream never did unseat Megatron, and we were all better off because Starsceam, with that obnoxious screach of a voice, was actually more dangerous and careless than Megatron. Sometime into the show’s run a weird, purple character named Shockwave came around. Nobody’s really sure when he came or where he came from, and because he’s really quiet, no one knows much about him. He too tried to take things over, but nobody payed him any mind, even though he had almost no weaknesses. Now that the Yankees (Megatron) are out of the way (indefinitely?), you really want the Starscreaming Red Sox to be established as the new alpha at the expense of the inocuous though boring, Shockwaving Rockies? Sure they beat up the Rodimus Priming Phillies, but, as we all learned, Rodimus Prime was ill suited to wear the crown.
Say no to Starscream people, before it’s too late.