Steve-O parties with LA, Hugh, the Phanatic and Mitch Williams on a bus

Only in Philadelphia would a guy who impersonates the head football coach hang out on a bus with Mitch Williams, Hugh Douglas, and the baseball team’s mascot. I still don’t think I understand where the hell they were going, just cruising around South Philly on a bus. I mean, what??? Here’s Steve-O’s report (That’s him, above, with LA’s NLCS ring). This is pretty insane.

Last night was Comcast Sportsnet’s 10th anniversary special at Chickie’s and Pete’s in South Philly. The place was full of Philadelphia sports personalities and I was invited there to participate in the live broadcast of “Monday Night Live”. I was there as part of the cast of the Eagles documentary film “Green Fans”. Other fans included “helmet man”, “cheesesteak man”, “Tattoo man” – it was like a dysfunctional Ocean’s 11/Island of Misfit Toys/SuperPhriends. Our Superpower? Strong Spelling ability.

There was a VIP party in the back, but the real fun was on the “Scotty Express” – one of the premier Eagles tailgating group buses. Once the players, broadcasters, etc., left the VIP party, we guided them towards the bus for some drinks and Philly sports talk.

Each time one of the name guys would get on the bus, we would joking yell, “Lock the doors! Let’s get moving”!!!!

Some of the more notable names to hang with us on the bus:

Mitch Williams – was in awe of the bus and called Philly fans the best fans ever. When we were taking group pictures, I suggested we should exercise terrible aim and capture shots of our feet as a tribute. He found that pretty funny.

Phillie Phanatic – Well he has no real mouth, so there was no drinking. Just the usual craziness he brings to the table. He has serious ADHD.

Bob Kelly – Former Flyers legend of the 70s. Not very amused when I yelled out, “Hey. It’s Charlie Manuel”.

Ike Reese and Hugh Douglas – both are still baffled about the lack of adjustments made during the Eagles game to help Winston Justice.

Steve Coates – Flyers play-by-play announcer. Fun guy.

Gary Matthews – Drinking water when we saw him last night. Very uncharacteristic if you knew of some of the legendary stories involving him as a 1983 Phillie.

Larry Andersen – I’ve hung out with him before. But for most of the guys on the bus, it was their first time. At first he was reluctant to get on the bus, and wanted to make sure we were all Phils fans too (which we all are).

He had plenty to say about this bunch of Phillies. He is still in awe of how they put it together. Along with Mitch and Sarge, he gave tons of credit to Uncle Charlie. He said other managers would never have been able to weather the storm from early this year. He said that he likes Eskin, but that Charlie woulda taken Eskin out if they had fought. We were going crazy when he said that.

We also celebrated seeing all the Mets fans in tears.

Then LA, Mitch and our group started singing High Hopes (seems like we only knew the one line about apple pie in the sky). LA knew the whole song and as we all started drinking, we suddenly hear him singing the 2nd verse (and possibly 3rd).

It was a good night. People are pumped about the Phillies.