Chip’s gonna be at Helium Wednesday Night. Be There.

Ok, rarely do I post things that compete with me, but I’m willing to make an exception this time, since Chip’s the guy that introduced me to Lou Pearlman when I was 14. Chip Chantry’s gonna be shooting a resume video Wednesday night at Helium, and he needs a good crowd to show up. Tickets are $15, but if you tell them that you saw his Myspace post, you get two for one tickets (it’s ok if you didn’t actually see it. Just tell them you did. See kids, sometimes it’s ok to lie.) Anyone who has seen Chip do standup will tell you that he’s damn funny, except for that one time we did that show at the Balcony at the Troc and the people who had just left the heavy metal concert downstairs came up and were really loud and it was Chinese New Year so then fireworks started going off during the middle of his set and then he called one of the Troc employees a whore and then we got fired from the Troc. He was pretty crappy that night. But every other time he’s been hilarious, so get your tickets asap.
Helium Comedy Club
2031 Sansom St, Philadelphia
Wednesday, October 3rd
Call for reservations: (215)496-9001