Last week’s questions

Here’s a few from last week. Answers after the jump. Quizzo tonight at Good Dog at 8 p.m. and Bards at 10 p.m. If you haven’t already played the online quizzo, click here.

1. Due to a contract dispute with the leads, Coy and Vance became stars of this show, causing it to jump the shark.
2. Who is the only current major leaguer to have played in both a World Series game and an NCAA Final Four, as he used to back up Steve Kerr at Arizona?
3. What state had a dead animal on it’s license plate from 1987 to 1999?
4. Buddha was born in an area that then belonged to India, but in what is now what country?
5. What was the subject of the documentary Triumph of the Will?
6. In what sport would you find positions such as the long-off, the fine leg, and the third man?
7. In what 1995 Hughes Brothers movie would you have found Chris Tucker?
8. This co-founder of Untied Artists was known as America’s Sweetheart, though she was born in Toronto in 1892?

1. The Dukes of Hazzard
2. Kenny Lofton
3. Maine
(The lobster on the plate is red, meaning it’s dead.)
4. Nepal
5. The Nazis
6. Cricket
7. Dead Presidents
8. Mary Pickford