The Week in Review

-It was Dorksided at O’Neals with a blowout win, 106-83, over Soylent Green: Now With More Girls. The Young the Old and Restless never got on track, and finished with a 69.

-The Great Mr. Peanut Controversy marred a hard fought contest at the Bards on Tuesday. It was the Sofa Kingdom who got the short end of the stick when Goodtimes 2nd guessed himself, and took off an extra point for loafers, which took the match to overtime. In overtime, it was the Narks taking home the victory.

The Jams won by a single year at the Rendezvous. The weekly double question was, “Toy Story, Apollo 13, and Seven were all released in what year?” The Jams guessed right (1995) and Why So Angry Bob guessed 1996, and so the Jams took home a 94-85 win.

-The exact same thing happened at the Black Sheep. The Phils Will Win Before We Do guessed 1995 on the weekly double, Duane’s World guessed 1996, and the Phils walked away with a 97-88 win.

-An extremely tough picture round (Name that album cover) kept scores low at the Good Dog, and we had our closest game all week. El Jorge Curioso edged It Ain’t Over Till the Fat Man Sings, 86-85 to record their first ever quizzo win.

-The Sofa Kingdom returned to the Bards angry on Thursday, and took out their anger on the questions, ending the Hurtin’ Bombs four game winning streak, cruising to a 106-94 win.