Quick Notes

-Have a meeting at ten, so I’ll post photos in a couple of hours.

-Got a great text message from Rakim of the Axis of Evil Knieval yesterday: “I wouldn’t let Greg Lewis return a phone call.” I then sent out this text message as soon as the game was over: “The Eagles special teams: The Phillies bullpen of football.”

-There was only one person who could take the spotlight off Britney’s bomb (There is no question that my famous dance number was more electrifying than this) last night, and that would be the greatest rapper who ever lived…Kid Rock. He got in a fight with Tommie Lee and was arrested. This is totally going to win Pamela back. Trust me. You want an ex-girlfriend back? Just beat up another one of her ex-boyfriends. Women love it.

-It looks like big things are happening soon. Stay tuned.