Sports shorts

-This amazing sentence comes from LJ Smith: This is a big test for me to see where my groin’s going to be. Um, LJ, you’re groin is going to be in the same place it always was. Or do some U.S. Americans not have groins? Oh, and I love the fact that today in Philly the most blue collar, football crazy hardasses will be spending their afternoon discussing another man’s groin.

-This just in: There is no such thing as momentum. The Phillies since sweeping the Mets: 2-3. The Mets since being swept: 5-0. And oh, by the way, if we do make the playoffs and Cole doesn’t come back, what would be our three man rotation? Kendrick, Lohse, Moyer? Wow.

-Chipper Jones had this to say after last night’s loss: Waaaaaaaa! I want my binkie! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

-The feud between Comcast and the Big Ten Network over who gets to show Big 10 games is getting pretty heated. Always fun to see heavyweights mixing it up.

-Speaking of heavyweights, the annual showdown between Temple and Buffalo, by far the two worst teams in D-I college football, takes place this weekend. And for the first time since 1793, Temple is favored to win a football game.