Phils notes: Look out, Mr. Met!

-Apparently in an effort to escape reality, Philly fans have taken to huffing nitrous in the parking lot. I did a nitrous balloon once in college, then went to a Phish show, because hey, there’s no way you can watch that boring ass band without the help of illegal drugs. But the buzz wears off in like 30 seconds, and then you’re just stuck watching a Phish show with less brain cells and all the boredom.

-When the Mets were up 6-2, I said, “If they blow this game, the Phils are gonna win the division.” The Mets blew it, and I stand by my statement. I really think we could be seeing a 1964 type meltdown. I think there is a chance the Mets don’t make the playoffs. Here’s a little gem from Paul Lo Duca: “It seems to me we’re all waiting to lose. It better change quick or in five days we’re all going to be home for the winter. You can’t play the game that way. It’s like a broken record every game.”

If you missed the video I posted yesterday, then be sure to watch before tonight’s game to get fired up.