Headin’ on back

08-31-2007 014 (Custom).jpg
Yo peeps. I’m kicking it in Salisbury, working on my column. Then I’ll finish the trip to Philly. Pretty good weekend at home, though I extended my “never making out with a bridesmaid at a wedding” streak. It was my step-sisters wedding, and it was a lot of fun. I spent the next day recovering from my hangover (I caught no women, but I caught a pretty good buzz). Labor Day, I just chilled out on my sisters beach, then we had some fresh crabs for dinner (that’s my uncle and my dad emptying the crab pot, above). Then I went to a buddies house and recorded a rap song. It’s dope. Hopefully, you’ll hear it before too long. I’ll post pics of winners as soon as I finish my Metro column.