The Week in Review

08-31-2007 (Custom).jpg
-Kick it off on Tuesday at O’Neals, as the Young, the Old and the Restless were able to win for the 3rd time in 5 weeks, taking a 101-97 win over Dick Cancer is No Laughing Matter. Philly Softcore finished 3rd.

-The Sofa Kingdom cruised on Tuesday night, knocking off 2 Pint Minimum and Don’t Laugh, Splinters Cause Infections, 105-81-81.

-Our first upset came on Wednesday, as the Jams (aka Craig and McGreevey: BiPartisanship in Action) fell to Where’s Baby Hair, 95-93. They were missing Jam Captain and Barb, but it was still a pretty stacked Jams team, so it was a big win for Where’s Baby Hair. River of Rocks finished 3rd at a packed Locust Rendezvous.

-A big comeback for the Satan’s Minions, who aced the impossible round to pull off a 106-102 win over Pee Wee Herman’s Head. Perennial powerhouse Duane’s World were Vegas favorites going into the match, but angered a lot of gamblers with a devastating 10th place finish.

-A low scoring slugfest at the Good Dog, where the vacuum created by MAGMA’s break up has yet to be filled. I Can Has Cheeseburger beat the Good Dog staff team, We Got Glasses…What? (above). The staff team, who usually finishes last, thought that wearing glasses would make tem feel smarter and intimidate the other teams. The ploy worked, as they recorded their first ever 2nd place finish.

-And a blowout at the Bards, as the Hurtin Bombs won for the 4thstraight week. One more win and we’ve got a bounty. They beat The Table, the Flash, and the Fonz, 113-97. The Kingdom finished with 96.