The Phils

My favorite sports blog in Philadelphia is undoubtedly Beerleaguer. The guys on there really know their baseball, and commiserating and cheering with them through the ups and downs of this incredibly ulcer inducing season has been a lot of fun. And a glimpse at the comments in yesterday’s thread could tell you the angst, inherent sarcasm, and exultation of what it’s like to be a Phillies fan better than just about any other writing could. It is borderline poetic. I picked out the ones that told the story from beginning to end as we all experienced it while watching the Phillies coming back from being down 6-0 late in the game and posted them below. Enjoy.

Brewers go up 4-0 in the first inning.
“Let me say it again, I HATE ADAM EATON!!!!”

“Maybe the Phillies can send Eaton down like Ankiel to change positions.”

“The day we lost any shot at the playoffs could arguabley have been any of the last 3 games (today included), however I believe it was November 28, the day we signed Adam F****** Eaton.”

“And the posters who said that Eaton was probably Gillick’s worse move might be dead on. As much as we bitch about Barajas or Nunez, they are both bench players and will be gone at the end of this year.”

Phils go down 6-0.
“It is like watching Gilligan’s Island. I’ve seen this episode many times. They don’t get off the island.”

“Let’s just wave the white flag. Charlie is a fool. Eaton is a tool. We can’t win.”

“Huh, bad defense in the corner outfield position? don’t see it. Great out there all day long except for the occasional glasses falling off, belt falling off, etc.”

“The sausages can’t even make Harry laugh today. He knows the season is over.”

Phils score 2 in 9th to make it 6-3.
“Hey everybody, look! It’s the 9th inning Phillies tease! They can pull it out whenever they want, even if they’re down 5 runs. Very impressive.”

“If there is a silver lining in this very likely series sweep, it is that the Brewers have hands down, the ugliest female fans in all of baseball.”

“DEFINITE tease situation. i hate this team…”

“We’re gonna lose this god damn game 6-5 and make it 8 straight one run losses. Unbelievable.”

Howard hit by pitch to make it 6-4.
“Howard has a broken toe. Guaranteed.”

Aaron Rowand hits it to left to tie it at 6.



“Holy poop.”

“Just when I think I am out, THEY PULL ME BACK IN!”

“I can’t believe the Phils can still win this game. I gave up on this game at 6-0, then checked back just to make sure they lost. Give ’em credit, no matter what happens–I may have given up, but the Phils didn’t.”

Helms’s 2 out double makes it 8-6 Phils in the 11th.

“Are you frigging kidding me?”

“Who trusts Mesa with a 2 run lead? I sure as hell don’t on the road.”

“I seriously doubt that Mesa will finish this inning, either by blowing a three run lead or getting the best matchup.”

“What a catch !”

“Eat your heart out, Lenny Dykstra.”

Brewers load the bases in the bottom of the 11th.

“It just can’t ever be easy…”

“single ties it…”

“Counsel is .418 career w/ bases loaded.”

“Watch Counsell get some kind of dink here and tie up the game.”


“Now I have to waste another week pouring my heart and soul into this ragtag band of idiots. God help me and the Phillies…”