Around the Horn, brought to you by Charlize Theron

-Time Magazine recently did a photo shoot of the murals of Philadelphia. Worth checking out.

-A couple of hours away, a family is raising a pet bear. Pet bears are kool. I wish Celine Dion would get a pet bear and then cover her face in honey.

-Have you ever thought to yourself, “Yeah, I’d love to have a block party, but not unless I could get Foghat to play. But what are the odds of…wait, what did you say? I can get Foghat to play my block party? Awesome! Pick me! Pick me! I know all the words to Slow Ride!

-Happy 32nd Birthday Charlize Theron. Rumors that we here at JGT HQ have a mad crush on Theron are patently false. I mean, once you get past the stunning beauty, rare talent, devilish charm, and remarkable success, what have you got left? Very little.