The lovely Ginger and I had sort of fallen out of touch lately. We’ve both been pretty busy, and she’s been “going steady” with Lance Romance for like 7 months now. And you know how it is when one friend gets into a serious relationship, you just don’t see them as much. So we hadn’t really hung out in a few months.

Then, last night, a disaster. As I prepared to meet another friend for dinner (went to Uzu, a fairly good sushi place in Old City), I got a splinter in my foot. It hurt like heck, but even worse, it made me feel kind of lonely. I usually revel in my singleness, but getting a splinter is cause for wishing a woman was there who could help me get it out and listen to me pout about how bad it hurt and then tell me how brave I was being if I didn’t cry. I tried and I tried to get it myself, to no avail. Finally I went to dinner, grumpy and in pain.
08-31-2007 004.jpg
After another difficult self-operation this morning, I realized that I was never gonna get it out myself, and I knew that there was only one person in Philadelphia who knew me well enough to operate on my foot: Ginger. She came right over, and after a half hour of anguish and pain, the cursed splinter was removed. And now I feel good as new. All thanks to Ginger! She’s more than a lovely co-host, she’s a lifesaver!
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