Phillies fever

He never challenges umps, he tries to keep this even keel attitude and I believe in the process has made this team chumps in big spots.

(He) is one of the worst 5 managers in baseball. He can’t handle a pitching staff.

where the hell is the focus or for that matter the coaching?

he made horrific trades, he is an overrated GM.

I can’t believe this.. …. I can’t allow this team to do this to me anymore. I have never in my life watched a more frustrating team.

this team has no heart.

Looks like we’re headed for a total meltdown.

just sickening…win a god damn game!

My god, how painful can this get….

Is it football season yet??

Where did these lines come from? Me on Sunday, after we had lost 4 of 6 to the Padres and the Dodgers and saw our season slipping away? I said some similar things, but no, these are lines from , as they saw their season going to hell. The only thing sweeter than winning three straight is winning three straight over the Mets and their obnoxious fans, then sitting back and enjoying as they turn on their own! The games of the last two nights have been things of beauty, and if we can stay hot, this city is gonna go nuts. Oh, and good news, Phillies fans, I WILL NOT BE AT TODAY’S BUSINESSMAN’S SPECIAL. With the team’s 2-10 record with me in attendance, I have decided to stay away from the ballpark and give them a chance to win today’s game. You’re welcome.