Let’s Learn!

I think it would kinda kool to learn a bit more about the questions I ask, so on Fridays I wanna start talking a bit more about them.
1. What animal is known as the sea cow
-The manatee. Have you been to hornymanatee.com?

2. What does CHUD stand for?
Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dweller.DId you realize that both John Goodman and Daniel Stern were in this film?

3. In what year did the last cigarette commercial air?
a) 1966 b) 1970 c) 1974 d) 1978
-The answer is B. Here is an actual cigarette commercial from the 1960s. Amazing.

4. In 1893, the Supreme COurt decided that this was a vegetable.
-Tomato. Yep, the argument made it all the way to the Supreme Court in Nix vs. Hedden, because there were tariffs against veggies but not fruits. The Court technically got it wrong.

5. This dolphin, named after the Asian river it inhabits, is now though to be extinct.
Yangtze. It is the first vertebrate to be driven to extinction by man in 50 years. At least that’s what the activist scientists are telling us. Exxon’s PR team says that the Yangtze River Dolphins have never been more plentiful, and Darth Ern believes them.

6. Who did Barry Bonds hit #756 off of?
Mike Bacsik, who handled it extremely well.

7. Whose head was Caesar offered in a basket when he arrived in Egypt in 48 BC?
Pompey’s, which began the chain of events that put Cleopatra in power