Around the Horn, brought to you by Space Invaders

-This is hilarious. Top 10 streaking videos of all time. To be honest, the ones rated 1-4 are the lamest, but the first six videos are priceless. More silly than offensive, but probably not safe for work.

-Bill Moyers, one of the few television journalists with any cojones, talks about Karl Rove’s legacy.

-I care about you guys. I really do. That’s why I want you to hold your right hand up and make the following pledge: “No matter how drunk I get, I will never, NEVER, climb inside a bear cage.”

Dick Cheney can tell the future!

-The Phillies “Quest to miss the wild card by one game” got a shot in the arm yesterday, as the Phils pulled defeat from the jaws of victory and blew a four run lead for the 2nd straight game against the worst team in the National League. I’d like to reiterate a guarantee I made months ago: The Phils will be tied for the wild card lead going into the final series of the season, then will lose two of three to the Nationals and miss it by one game.