Not to Beat a Dead Horse, But…

…could somebody remind me why Michael Vick is the worst person to ever walk the planet and horse racing gets off scott free? Much to her horror, Deibel learned that each year tens of thousands of healthy horses, including thoroughbreds that didn’t fare well on the track like Maddie, 0-for-3 with career earnings of $120 racing as Secret Haughway, are bought for a few hundred dollars and slaughtered for meat for human consumption in countries such as France, Belgium, Italy and Japan. Again, I am not standing up for Michael Vick, but I do find it interesting that one type of animal that depends on humans can get killed for not performing and it’s no problem, but if another type gets killed, it is a national outrage. It couldn’t be the difference in the types of people raising, betting on, and killing the animals. Could it?
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