Around the Horn, brought to you by…Uber-Patriot Toby Keith!

-This from Dan Gross’s column yesterday: “Don’t ever apologize for being patriotic. F— ’em,” advised country star Toby Keith to fans at his sold-out show at the Tweeter Center Sunday night after closing with the song “Angry American,” complete with pyrotechnics. No, Toby, please. F— you. Patriotism is not overzealous zeal to kill random Middle Easterners in retaliation for a completely different group of Middle Easterners attacking our country. You’re an idiot. Here’s a spoof of that moronic song by Bill Maher.

-Don’t look now, but the Phils pitching staff is starting to come together, and if Durbin can pitch decently and Kendrick can continue to pitch like he is, and Myers returns, and Gordon stays healthy…etc. Anyways, I really hope we don’t deal Rowand for some mid-level pitcher (which is all we’ll get for him). But what do you guys think of Bourne for Bronson Arroyo? To be honest, unless it involves Barajas, Helms, or Nunez, I hope Gillick stands Pat.
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-Did the Founding Fathers write the Constitution to defend us from Presidents like George Bush?

-And finally, some sad news. The Weekly World News, who printed what the mainstream publications were scared to print, is going out of business. To be honest, the quality of the rag had gone way down in recent ears. I was a huge fan in the late 80s and early 90s, but the beauty of it was it’s subtlety. It wasn’t yet a spoof of itself, so you felt like the reporters really thought that aliens had captured a 42 pound newborn. But lately it had just gotten silly (and expensive). Godspeed, once proud publication. Godspeed.