Congratulations Steve Gerben!!!

Over 100 comics competed in this years Philly’s Funniest competition at Helium Comedy Club, and when the dust settled, Steve Gerben reigned supreme. His act is hilarious, and on top of that he’s a damn nice guy. Anton Shuford finished 2nd, Chip finished 3rd, and Pat Barker finished 4th. I went both Friday and Saturday nights, and the local comedians at both shows were tremendous. The headline guy, Craig Gass, was ok. I’m not a huge fan of blue comedy, so I wasn’t crazy about it. I was a little surprised they had a blue comic act as MC for this thing, but he did do some great impressions and I’ve certainly seen worse. For example, me at Muhlenberg College in 2003.
I’d like to direct you to this portion of the story: The emcee for the night, Pat Kelley, got on stage and started a low-grade stand up routine consisting mainly of crass fart jokes. Next came John Goodtimes who was only slightly better than Kelley, which isn’t saying much.

Yep, that was the night I learned the old comic adage, “Don’t do your Hitler joke at Muhlenberg College.”