Vento goes back for 16th minute

Joey Vento, the owner of Geno’s Cheese Steaks agreed to a debate with a woman with a pretty impressive resume. Tell me this doesn’t look like a blowout. Granted, Vento gets the home field advantage, but this lady probably actually has a few facts at her disposal, as opposed to an ability to talk like a numbskull and make a mediocre sandwich. Hey bub, your inane platitudes might work with Neil Cavuto, but I doubt they are gonna go over so well with Ms. Bernstein-Baker. Man, I wish I wasn’t working that night.

Of course, the delicious ironies surrounding the whole Vento affair have been documented in detail, but I think my favorite is that the sign, “This is America: When Ordering, ‘Speak English'” is written in incorrect English. Who exactly is he quoting when he uses quotes for ‘Speak English’?