Kildare’s hosts Philly’s Best Quizzo!

A major smack talking storm was started last year when Philly Style Magazine (you can find a picture of them right next to the word “irrelevance” in the dictionary) picked Fado as Best Quizzo in Philadelphia.

So you can imagine the joy I felt when I came across Dan Gross’s column today and saw who Philly Style Mag named Best Quizzo this year: Kildare’s. I am not kidding. The bar that is to Irish pubs as Applebee’s is to fine dining apparently now hosts the best quizzo in Philadelphia. But be forewarned: you’re not allowed in the door without popping your collar. (Please note that while I am dogging on Kildare’s and Philly Style, I am not dogging on the actual Kildare’s quizzo. I have never played it, nor met anyone who has played it, so it might be good. In fact, it gets a great review from But it’s in King of Prussia, which last I checked wasn’t Philly. And let’s face it, I’m not writing this because I am really pissed, but because I love dogging on things like Kildare’s and Philly Style Magazine. If Dark Horse John or Pat Hines or Quizmaster Chris had won, I would be offering a hearty congrats, but two faux Irish bars winning it back to back kind of shows you how well PSM and it’s readers “get it”.) I’m gonna go out on a limb and guess that Starbucks is gonna get best coffee in Philly, just like it did last year. Because after all, nothing says Philly like Starbucks. And nothing says Philly like a faux Irish pub in King of Prussia.
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P.S. I hope none of my Little Leaguers reads this, coming as it does less than a week after I gave them a big speech on “good sportsmanship”. Remember kids, do as I say, not as I do.