The Week in Review

06-04-2007 011 (Custom).jpg
A week after a wild week of shocking upsets, we had a week devoid of any. The planets realigned this week, starting with a narrow Dork Sided win at O’Neals. They edged the Young, the Old and the Restless, 84-80. It was Dork Sided’s 3rd win in the past 4 weeks.

Onto the Bards, where the Sofa Kingdom held off a formidable new foe, Sporkers of the World Unite, 98-89. Narcotyzing Dysfunktion finished with an 80.

The Jams (aka Paris will be riding a scooter) got a scare from one man team Steve O., who managed to tie them at 100, but fell in the extra frame, as the Jams were only one year off in knowing when A Man For All Seasons was released on Broadway (1961).

Parke Overall was unable to recapture the magic that had propelled them to a win the week before, finishing 5th. The Satan’s Minions finally got a win, their first since late April, and only their 2nd since February. The Eastern Vikings (aka River of Rocks) finished 2nd 94, and Duane’s World finished 3rd with 92.

MAGMA cruised at the Good Dog, knocking off Big Oil Praying For Hurricanes, 104-86. Steve O. picked up a teammate, but struggled in the final round and finished with 79.

Back to the Bards, where Sofa Kingdom did fall, but it wasn’t a particularly huge upset, as the team that knocked them off was the Hurtin’ Bombs, who won for the 2nd straight Thursday.

Other highlights of the week included:
The poll for best bar in Philly, won by…other. More discussion on this next week.
JGT asks for festival ideas and the best one he gets is Von Hayes Fest. Nice work, you creative geniuses.
JGT goes to the legendary Blue Horizon.