JGT Out of retirement

rps 016.jpg
Defending City League Champion Johnny Goodtimes shocked the local R Paper Scissors establishment when he announced on friday that he was coming out of retirement to take part in this years RPS Championship. Goodtimes, who earned a spot in the championship due to his shocking upset victory last year, announced his retirement after the competition, and stood by it for an entire year. But his competitive juices were flowing, and he decided to come back this year, “For the children.” Goodtimes, who is extremely unpopular on the RPS circuit, also threw in some shots at his competitors. In the message posted on the PBRRPS website, he told the other competitors, “The surest way of not being humiliated by a great champion like myself isstaying home tomorrow night, and crying your sorry self to sleep, knowing that you will never be a champion, and I will always be a champion.”

JGT will also be emceeing the event, but he will not be rapping.