Let’s take this back to the old school

Das Efx is one of my favorite groups of all time, and their first album is in my top 5 hip hop albums ever. They are certainly one of the most underrated. They completely changed the rap game in the early 90s with their insane iggedy metaphors and 1970s and 80s pop culture references. The lyrics on their first album were incredible. The following is from the song “East Coast”:
Yo I’m back, black, heavens-to-Betsy, time to get loose
I took a bite outta crime, washed it down with some juice
I’m not the New Kids, but I’m knockin blocks off, sonny
Yep I rock like the Stones plus I’m rollin in the money
So diggity-ask about, I know you digs me like a shovel
I kick straps for sport cos I’m short like Barney Rubble
Check the slang, boogity-bang, umm, I goes berserk
when I flex like Popeye, I fight like Cap’ Kirk
So bozo, I’m knockin em out the box by the pair
I’m high strung, my tongue got moves like Fred Astaire

Unfortunately, everybody stole their style, so then they tried to go “gangsta”, which wasn’t their their strength, and they fell off pretty quickly.