Another great comeback and a team bails w/o their winnings

We had another great comeback this week, and a new team won but apparently didn’t realize there was money and glory involved in quizzo. But we begin with JGT selling out on everything he’s ever stood for, as he Rode the Ducks on Tuesday afternoon. On to quizzo, and a win at O’Neals for Dork Sided, who cruised to a big lead after round three and held off the Cracked Eggheads in the final round for a 95-88 win.

The only blowout of the week took place at the Bards on Tuesday night. El Narcotyzo led from beginning to end and walked away with an easy 111-83 win over Less Than Sporkers. The Sporkers have informed me that they are bring their A-team this week and plan to pull off a win.

The Jams did not have an easy time of it at the Vous on Wednesday, struggling in the speed round and not exactly lighting it up in the wild card round. But they got 9 of 10 correct in Round Four and held on for a 91-90 nailbiter over Trust Us We Know.

A weird conclusion at a packed Black Sheep on Wednesday. The Satan’s Minions and Duane’s World both ate a sandwich in the music round, so it came down to a couple of unknowns, Team Zieggenfus and the Valerie Plame Affair. Zieggenfus held on for a 97-94 win, then took off out the door like greased lightning, not stopping for their photo or their $40. I had the steak. It was pretty good, and the photo of me was quite terrific.

No MAGMA at the Good Dog on Thursday, leaving a team of superstars poised to walk away with an easy win. Steve O., Trivia Art, and Matt from Satan’s Minion were among several solid regulars playing on the Art-Mag-Minions. But they missed the weekly double and fell to C+ Average, the first ever win for the team of regulars that had previously turned finishing 4th into an art form. For once, the C+ average buckled down and brought their grade up.

Finally, a shocking comeback at the Bards. The Hurtin’ Bombs got off to a hot start, and the game appeared to be over after three rounds. They had a perfect 64 and held a 14 point lead over the 2nd place team. Bob Ross Blow Dries his Wolf Bush, the defending champs, had a 49. But things fell to pieces for the bombs in the final round, and they could only eek out a 34. Meanwhile Bob Ross caught fire and aced the final round, the only team all week to do so. And so this rag tag group of ne’er do-wellers, who last week celebrated their win with a trip to a rather seedy joint, pulled off an improbable 104-98 victory again this week after going almost two years without a single win.