This is For La Rosa

Trivia Art and I headed into South Philly last week to check out La Rosa Pizza (Broad and Snyder). The inside reminded a bit of Lorenzo’s on South. No tables or chairs, just booths to lean on. A painting of the Italian countryside on the wall and a ton of pizza boxes resting on counters directly behind the trays of Sicilian style pizza. You place your order, the lady takes your slice off the tray and pops it in the oven, and then you lean on a counter and eat it. No frills, but damn good pizza. Here was Art’s take.
LaRosa Pizza at Broad and Snyder may not be much to look at but that doesn’t mean they don’t make a mean pizza. Baked in rectangular trays, LaRosa’s pizza initially looks like it might be Sicillian but it isn’t. Instead the crust is a airy bread with crispy bottom, a delightful combination of fluffy and crunchy. The sauce had a hint of sweetness but not like the saccharin taste that you might find at a place like Lorenzo’s on South. The pepperoni was well cooked and crisp, although a little greasy, it was nothing a quick dab of a napkin couldn’t fix. My second piece of pizza was a white pizza. cheeses melted well into the crust and there was ample oregano and olive oil over top. I was certainly impressed with the pizza at LaRosa’s and will be back, might even get it delivered if they venture up into the G-Ho. 3 1/2 Pepperonis.

Yeah, I can go with 3 1/2, no problem. This is a perfect lunch pizza spot if you’re in South Philly and you’re in a hurry.

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