What’s Good For the Goose

Al Sharpton earlier demanded that Don Imus apologize for his idiotic statements, which Imus almost immediately did. Sharpton still is calling for his ouster. This is interesting because in 1987, Al Sharpton went to the media to let the world know that New York Assistant DA Steven Pagones had raped 15 year old Tawana Brawley. Not many accusations hurt worse than being accused of being a child molester. Of course, he wasn’t. Tawana Brawley had made the story up, but the damage had been done. And Sharpton has never apologized to Steven Pagones.

How is it that this clown gets to tell the media which race stories are a big deal, and the media follows his every word like a puppy dog? It is pathetic, and I can’t understand it, especially after they got burned the first time.