Cheesesteaks with the folks

04-14-2007 002 (Custom).jpg
Well, my peeps began their journey home today. They’re gonna stop in DC and see some cherry blossoms first. We tried to see some the other day at the Horticultural Center in Fairmount Park, but I think it’s gonna be a couple more weeks before they are really spectacular here. Still, it was my first time to the Horticultural Center. Pretty kool, and I’ll definitely return to see the Japanese House when it opens in May.

My mom hosted round two at O’Neals last night, much to her delight. It’s pretty obvious which side of the family I get my showmanship (or, if you prefer, glory hog) tendencies from. Then we had the usual send off-a steak at Jim’s. And my mom thinks Craig Laban is way off with his 2 bells for Fogo de Chao. She thinks it’s the best restaurant she’s ever been to.