The Week in Review

The week started with an unfortunate loss by my crack team at Dark Horse Quizzo. Then, on Tuesday, we saw a huge blowout at the Bards. The Young, the Old, and the Restless, blew out Philly Hardcore, 106-79. Defending Champs Dork Sided finished with a 55.

On to the Bards, where we saw a memorable meltdown. The Sofa Kingdom and the Narcotyzing Dysfunktion entered the final round tied at 58. On the weekly double, the question was asked, “Before the Titanic sank, the White Star Line was going to name it’s sister ship this, which sounds like Titanic.” The Narcotizers got it right (Gigantic). The Kingdom had Gigantic written down, but in a brief fit of insanity, changed it to Titanic II. Their defense: they had been drinking at the Phils game. (Best answer to that question, though, came from Hitler Wore a Spam Shirt, who guessed “Super Titanic”.

The Jams
headed into the final round down four to Nottingham Hill, but blew past them in the final frame to notch a 110-89 win. It is their 4th win in a row. A bounty next week? Certainly a possibility.

Things were a lot tighter at the Black Sheep. Duane’s World kept their heads above water during the rap round, and was still within 8 points of Catdog after three rounds. In the final round, they made their move, and edged a CatDog team still anxious for their first win, 90-88.

A MAGMA-less field at the Good Dog, and Fat Kid 6 too full advantage of it to come away with a 90-81 win over Fun Rocket. Team F****** Awesome put fought the good fight, and finished in 3rd with 79.

A emotional night at the Bards, as long time Satan’s Minions member Diane would be taking the field for the final time before moving to DC. The Minions entered the final round down three to the Kingdom, but fought on and came away with a 111-104 win. My Pubic Hair is an Exact Replica of Tom Selleck’s Moustache finished with 82.