NBC glorifies mass murder

NBC, which thought that the best way to honor the victims of this weeks massacre was to glorify their killer and let his thoughts be known, is starting to face a backlash. Matt Lauer made the lamest defense, saying, “But we’ve made the decision because, by showing some of this material, perhaps it will help us understand the question why. Why did it happen?” Well, gee, Matt, why don’t you show us some child pornography so we can try to figure out why. Why do people watch it? It’s simple, because gratuitous and disgusting pornographic acts are not meant for the public airwaves. Nor should we give over our airwaves to pieces of human filth who want to inspire a cult like following. NBC, when it sent out the materials to other stations, demanded that its logo be stamped in the corner and said that other stations must give mandatory credit to NBC News. They’re hoping that the recent mass murder will lead to an increase in ratings for Scrubs. Hey NBC, sorry there couldn’t have been a camera inside the schoolroom when the guy killed the Amish girls. After all, I’m sure it could have helped us understand, “Why?” Too bad, b/c that would have been a ratings bonanza, you sick f****. Interesting, isn’t it, that Don Imus is too disgusting to speak on NBC, but mass murderers aren’t?
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