City vs. City Smackdown news

Alright, the City vs. Smackdown is starting to come together nicely. We have venues confirmed in Denver, Seattle, DC, Toronto, and here. I think I have a venue all ready to go, I just have to confirm this afternoon. Will let you know as soon as it is confirmed. It is gonna start as an invitational. I will be offering certain teams invites. Once that is done, I will open it up for other teams to enter, if there is any room left. I need a little help from you guys though. I need to know if you wanna keep it on the cheap or if you wanna play for big money. I can charge $5 a head, and winner walks with $250 ($75 for second), or we can go $10 a head and winner gets $500 ($150 for 2nd). That would be in addition to the $250 (currently) you will win if you beat all the teams in the other cities. There is limited seating, and I expect us to have a crowd of about 100-125. This is not a Quizzo Bowl type thing. No band, no dancers, just damn hard questions and some damn good teams. If you think your team is gonna win, I would suggest going $10 a head. Please answer the poll below if you plan to play.