Around the horn

-Yeah, today is the Bard of Avons b-day, and to celebrate, you might wanna think about seeing some of the shows in the Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival, which is currently going on. I think. Their website is kind of confusing, or more likely I’m just dumb. But I think the shows take place at 2111 Sansom Street, and it lasts through mid May. For more info, click here. Tonight, the Comedysportz crew takes on Shakespeare. They are an incredibly talented bunch, and I’m sure it’s gonna be a funny show.

-Rock Paper Scissors season is kicking off at Bob and Barbara’s (15th and South) tonight at 7 p.m. And yes, I did check with the Jam Master before I posted this.

-I pick on Philadelphia Magazine a fair amount, but I must give credit where credit is due. I thought Jason Fagone’s column this past month on Brian Tierney was pretty damn good. (Yeah, I know it came out like a month ago. I’m a slow reader.)