Uh oh

Glad I found this article three days before I fly back to Philly:
Authorities called in the bomb squad early Tuesday and diverted a flight to Las Vegas after Los Angeles International Airport security screeners found hidden wires and other objects in a body cavity of a Philadelphia-bound passenger.

Yeah, so this guy, who just so happens to be from Iraq, attempts to get on a plane with wires, a rock,and bubble gum shoved up his bum. Oh, and previously this guy “was arrested on suspicion of possession of a destructive device”. Hmmmm, wonder what he’s up to:
A preliminary investigation appeared to rule out a theory that Al-Maliki may have been looking for weaknesses in security or was rehearsing for a terrorist act.

WHAT?!?!?!?!?! Who conducted this preliminary investigation, Barney Fife? This dude from a country we are currently at war with and who has a track record with explosive devices tries to get on a plane with bubble gum and wires in his ass and we seem to think that it was something other than preparation for a terrorist attack? Hey gang, here’s a quick thought: I, who have no previous police experience, can tell you with 100% F******CERTAINTY THAT THIS NUT WAS PREPARING FOR A F****** TERRORIST ATTACK!!!! As if flying didn’t make me nervous enough. Damn.