Off to the Kohala Coast

DSCF3571 (Custom).JPG
Gonna go cruising up to the northwest corner of the island, known as the Kohala Coast. I’ll probably hit Hapuna Beach for an hour or so before that. Spent all day yesterday working on questions and writing my scandalous column for the Metro, which is going to forever sully my reputation as a innocent little angel. It’s kind of like when NKOTB came out with the Hangin’ Tough album. Things are good. Have a toothache, but other than that, I’m holding up pretty well. Tommorrow I’m gonna hit the other side of the island with my buddy Mark. He and I grabbed dinner a few nights ago at Teshima’s, a great Japanese restaurant that opened in 1940. The lady who opened it, known affectionately as Mama Teshima, is over 95 years old and still works there. She also has a ridiculously cute great-grandaughter who works there as well. I’ll be back. Oh, and the picture above is of a gecko eating syrup at a restaurant called the Coffee Shack (click on it to blow it up. It’s a pretty wild picture.)